Like all women, you are delightfully imperfect, asymmetric and you may even have a very well deserved wrinkle or two and this is who you are. But wouldn’t it wonderful to treat yourself once in a while and take time out just for you and improve something that has been niggling at you for a while? How much time do you spend talking down to yourself about something you actually have the power & ability to improve?

You are unique and deserve the time it takes to offer you a personal tailored treatment plan with ongoing care, because there’s only one you and only the best will do. You will never be rushed as each appointment allows plenty of time for all questions and treatments.

You will never be rushed through the process


Used to relax muscles that are contributing to wrinkles in areas such as the forehead, frown and crow’s feet around the eyes, thus making the face look fresher. It may also be used to treat headaches, TMJ & Hyperhydrosis.
A quick procedure with no down time with results visible in as little as a few days to two weeks.


These may be used to correct deep wrinkles, folds and restore volume that has been lost due to the natural process of ageing. Additionally to correct asymmetry or to enhance specific features of the face, for example the lips.
Minimal downtime with early results visible immediately. 


All treatments are overseen and approved by a qualified medical doctor who is also a qualified injector. Procedures are performed by Lexi Spooner, a qualified nurse with experience in many medical fields. Lexi has worked with cardiac and orthopaedic specialists and in surgical wards, and has nearly 10 years experience in advanced injecting with over 30,000 treatments performed.


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