A studio is where an artist works and there is a beautiful balance between art and medical science to all anti ageing procedures. We pride ourselves in bringing the two together.

Enso is a Zen symbol that can be defined as the practice of expressing the imperfect beauty of the present moment, letting it go and starting all over again. The reality of life is that nothing lasts, nothing is complete, and nothing is perfect.

Meet Nurse Lexi

Nurse Lexi has 10 years of experience in advanced injecting and has performed over 30,000 treatments. With a wealth of knowledge around cosmetic injectables, she will work with you to get your desired results.

All treatments are overseen and approved by a qualified medical Doctor who is also a qualified injector. Procedures are performed by Lexi Spooner, a qualified nurse who has experience in many medical fields including working with cardiac and orthopaedic specialists and in surgical wards.

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