All treatments are overseen and approved by a qualified medical Doctor who is also a qualified injector. Procedures are performed by Lexi Spooner, a qualified nurse who has experience in many medical fields including 10 years experience in advanced injecting with over 30,000 treatments performed.

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These may be used to correct deep wrinkles, folds and restore volume that has been lost due to the natural process of ageing or to correct asymmetry or to enhance specific features of the face, for example the lips.

*Anti Wrinkle / Muscle Relaxant

This is used to relax muscles that are contributing to wrinkles in places such as the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet. It may also be used to treat headaches, TMJ & hyperhydrosis.

*Skin Boosters with V2 Injector

Skin rejuvenation treatment that restores hydro balance in the skin through the replenishment of hyaluronic acid, resulting in more effective retention of moisture. Improving texture, fine lines, pores & overall luminescence

*Teeth Whitening

Lightens discolouration of enamel by using a unique formula which creates an oxidation reaction. Visible results with only 40min in chair.

*Hair Restoration

Prescription only medication clinically proven to restore hair for both women & men


*Information pertaining to treatments, prices & images are for example purposes only. All treatments have potential risks therefore a consultation by a trained medical professional must be attended prior to any treatment and informed consent obtained. All procedures are undertaken by experienced professionals using the latest, safest methods and registered by ARPHR. All treatments are approved by a qualified Doctor. Treatment plans are individualised to ensure the best and safest outcome for all patients. Please note according to TGA law product names can not be used. Additionally the use of patient testimonials is also against regulations including ‘star’ reviews on social media platforms such as Facebook.